Team Members

Sarah Baxter Mechanical Engineering, Sensing and Biomechanics
Bob Best School of Medicine, SEIN Group
James Blanchette Chemical Engineering, Biomaterials
Edie Goldsmith SOM, Tissue Regeneration
Xiaoming He Mechanical Engineering, Nanodelivery
Gotham Koley Electrical Engineering, Sensing
John Lavigne Chemical and Biochemical, Sensing
Sussan Lessner SOM, Nanodelivery
Chris X. Li Mechanical Engineering, Sensing and Biomechanics
Melissa Moss Chemical Engineering, Peptide Assembly and Alzheimer
Catherine Murphy Chemical and Biochemical, Metallic Nanoparticles in Sensing
Zhongwei Niu Chemical and Biochemical
Ken Shimizu Chemical and Biochemical, Sensing, Imprinting Polymer
Linda Shimizu Chemical and Biochemical, Molecular Recognition
Guiren Wang Mechanical Engineering, Microfluids
Qian Wang Chemical and Biochemical, Nanobiomaterials